3D8A2F33-6F01-40C1-A992-6D4D99A3EB4EScrying bowl: wheel thrown porcelain, unglazed outside, Black/gold inside. Approx. 8 inches x 3.3 inches.

66B27D85-9A97-4429-BA4A-5DE8ED709209Small Basket. Ceramic, wood and glass. 2019. (Sold)

8F0A25F4-4770-485F-8E45-02C7713FD341Small Cauldron. Polished earthenware, pit fired, no glaze. Approx 3 inches.


8B406C23-8D1B-4255-A7B9-90A52637ECFAWater Bowl. Thrown and altered, white clay, clear glaze, glass. Approx 11 inches. (Sold)


1C3BC442-C8DE-461F-B777-DD0978FB107FWoman’s platter. Thrown and altered, white clay, clear glaze. Approx 9 inches long. (Sold)


A42D7A46-8E1F-4DE8-85D8-3FDF7B1545B8Oil Pot. Hand polished earthenware, pit fired. Approx 4 inches high.


98CBD4B4-571B-49A5-8FC3-DF63192D91DFPierced Vase. Wheel thrown and altered. Unglazed exterior, black glaze inside with gold accent. Approximately 4 inches high


IMG_8268Large oval platter: wheel thrown and altered porcelain with recycled glass. Approx. 18 inches x 9 inches.


Snuggly mug, travel mug. Ceramic, wool felt, fishing twine, cork. 2019


Coffee Cup: wheel thrown porcelain with clear glaze. Approx. 4 inches x 3 inches



Bowl: wheel thrown red clay, blue/silvery glaze. Approx. 6 inches x 4 inches



Small Sake Set: wheel thrown porcelain, clear glaze. Bottle approx. 4 inches tall, cups 2 inches, volume 3 oz.



Large ‘vegetarian’ drinking horn: agate ware with blue glaze. Approx. 16 inches x 3.5 inches., over a pint volume.



‘Flow bowl’: unglazed porcelain, wheel thrown and altered. Approx. 11 inches. (Sold)


‘Scar vase’: wheel thrown porcelain with aqua glaze inside, unglazed outside. Approx. 6 inches high.



Green/brown vase: thrown and hand-built assembly. Approx. 11 inches x 9 inches. (NSF)