You got me

A multi-disciplinary artist before it was a thing – I have been an artist all of my life. I have studied ballet in Russia during Perestroika, received an arts degree in Alaska, made pottery in the mountains of Mexico, and created many many plays around the world. I am a visual and theatre artist, teacher, bartender, traveler, writer, survivor and witch. 

Artist Statement:

I come from a trailer park at the end of the road in Alaska, the last frontier. As such, every road I take feels like I’m moving backwards. I travel through history and pick up artifacts – bits of mud, rusty stuff, stories – to make as-of-yet-unseen things. I make things that feel comfortable and familiar, yet altogether new and surprising. 

Whether I am making plays, poetry or pottery I am making art that is simple and accessible. I search to find the universal language – touch, laughter, home. My pots are empty spaces meant to hold my day dreams, a loving touch, or a wine warmed smile.

My current practice revolves around simplicity. After years of collaborating in theatre, and making ceramics in a fully equipped studio – I challenged myself to make objects with only my hands, my brain, a seam of clay, and a fire.

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