Crosstown Line
Locally foraged clay, pit fired with beach glass, copper wire, and steel gear from a City Bus
7″ x 5″ x3″
Crabtown Jewel
Locally foraged clay, pit fired
Oval cauldron
ceramic, pit fired with reduction
Rune Beads
Pit fired clay
each bead approx 1/2 inch, 2019
Tea, the Salish Sea, and me – on my red kayak
stoneware, driftwood, copper wire 2021
Black Crabtown Bowl
Locally foraged clay, pit fired in reduction, 2021
Pit fired clay, gold leaf
Shipwreck Pitcher
White stoneware, glass, salvaged wood from a shipwrecked boat, brass wire
Butter Dish
stoneware, hazelnut wood handle, copper wire, pine wood spreader
Pour over coffee and travel mug set
Stoneware, reclaimed fishing twine, reclaimed shaped cork fishing float, 2021

She Series
She is an ongoing series of boat/beach/body-like dishes, stacked or hung. Thrown, cut, stretched and tossed – like a body, a shoreline, and beach glass – they becomes beautiful through rough trade.
Dimensions: pictured in group stack, from bottom to top
13” x 5.5” W x 3” H

3D8A2F33-6F01-40C1-A992-6D4D99A3EB4EScrying bowl: wheel thrown porcelain, unglazed outside, Black/gold inside. Approx. 8 inches x 3.3 inches. (Sold)

66B27D85-9A97-4429-BA4A-5DE8ED709209Small Basket. Ceramic, wood and glass. 2019. (Sold)

8F0A25F4-4770-485F-8E45-02C7713FD341Small Cauldron. Polished earthenware, pit fired, no glaze. Approx 3 inches.

8B406C23-8D1B-4255-A7B9-90A52637ECFAWater Bowl. Thrown and altered, white clay, clear glaze, glass. Approx 11 inches. (Sold)

1C3BC442-C8DE-461F-B777-DD0978FB107FWoman’s platter. Thrown and altered, white clay, clear glaze. Approx 9 inches long. (Sold)

A42D7A46-8E1F-4DE8-85D8-3FDF7B1545B8Oil Pot. Hand polished earthenware, pit fired. Approx 4 inches high. (Sold)

98CBD4B4-571B-49A5-8FC3-DF63192D91DFPierced Vase. Wheel thrown and altered. Unglazed exterior, black glaze inside with gold accent. Approximately 4 inches high 

IMG_8268Large oval platter: wheel thrown and altered porcelain with recycled glass. Approx. 18 inches x 9 inches.


Snuggly mug, travel mug. Ceramic, wool felt, fishing twine, cork. 2019 (this one is sold, but there are others. Message for information)


Coffee Cup: wheel thrown porcelain with clear glaze. Approx. 4 inches x 3 inches


Bowl: wheel thrown red clay, blue/silvery glaze. Approx. 6 inches x 4 inches


Small Sake Set: wheel thrown porcelain, clear glaze. Bottle approx. 4 inches tall, cups 2 inches, volume 3 oz. (Sold)


Large ‘vegetarian’ drinking horn: agate ware with blue glaze. Approx. 16 inches x 3.5 inches., over a pint volume.


‘Flow bowl’: unglazed porcelain, wheel thrown and altered. Approx. 11 inches. (Sold)


‘Scar vase’: wheel thrown porcelain with aqua glaze inside, unglazed outside. Approx. 6 inches high. (Sold)


Green/brown vase: thrown and hand-built assembly. Approx. 11 inches x 9 inches. (NSF)